6 Connectors + Dual USB + Cigarette Plug Control Panel For lights

Part No. CS-441A1
Colors Black
Colors of indicator lights white + Blue
Input voltage DC 12-24V
Waterproof IP65
Max Power 240W
Approved CE/ROHS/UL
Material ABS, nylon, aluminum plate resistant Fire
Weight 465G
size 21x9x10.2cm
Package 13.1x12.5x28.6cm
Hole distance 17.9x4.7CM
Accessary Screws + stickers
application Car, Truck, steamer, Bus, Semi, RV
Working temperature -25℃-80℃

[Product advantage]:
[1] The product is a 6-position switch panel, including 6 switches, which can simultaneously control the switch states of 6 electrical appliances
[2] The input voltage of the product is 12-24V, and all ships and vehicles of 12-24V can be installed and used, and the application range is very wide.
[3] The product is made of ABS, PC, PBT resistant to high and low temperature, flame retardant and environmentally friendly materials, and can be used in an environment where the minimum temperature is -25° and the maximum temperature is 80°
[4] The product is equipped with a cigarette lighter holder, dual USB, which can be used for powering external car equipment, and can also power mobile phones, tablets, GPS, etc.
[5] The product is equipped with a voltmeter, which can detect the use of the car battery at any time to prevent safety accidents caused by defective batteries.

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